“The course was thorough but presented in a manner that was easy to understand. The instructor was well-prepared, knowledgeable, and more than willing to assist students when they had questions. Mindsharp was very flexible with delivery of the course as our needs changed several times before the course began. I highly recommend them.”
Thorough, easy to understand course

I’m always recommending Mindsharp. I believe it’s the best training option for people who are serious about learning.
For serious learning

The Instruction team was excellent – very helpful – glad that instructors took the time to walk around and answer questions – even those questions that were not pertaining to the labs. You have a very knowledgeable team!!
Very knowledgeable team

I came into this class having only worked with Site Collections on a limited basis. I feel like I’m leaving ready to build and administer a very robust Portal (which I actually do need to do). The information presented was not too broad but also not too deep. You didn’t try to cover too much material, but at the same time, you covered the really important stuff. It left me with a good knowledge of the toolset that I can now explore on my own.
Covered the really important stuff

Very fun and informative. Instruction was geared to make sure we understood the concepts. Friendly instruction made for a great learning environment.
Fun and informative

This could have been a very dry course, but the instruction was VERY interesting and entertaining. I think that the enthusiasm of all of the trainers was great! It is always nice to learn from people with a lot of knowledge to give. Thanks for everything.
Very interesting and entertaining

There was a good balance between technical and design capabilities. I think you were able to keep everyone’s attention no matter what skill level they were at with the product.
Good balance

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