Technology At Your Fingertips: Take Time To Learn New Features

It looks like winter is finally behind us in Minnesota.  It was great to shed parkas on a beautiful spring day to hear all the creative ways people are using technology.  It occurred to me recently that technology is a lot like Hotdish.  We all start with the same basic ingredients but everyone has their own favorite twist on how to bake this classic Minnesota casserole.  Talking with everyone at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities is the same way.  I am always amazed at all the creative ways the same technology is used for so many different organizations and tasks.

Getting the most value out of your SharePoint Saturday events means something different for everyone.  For many people, community events help people explore ideas that may shape ongoing and future projects.  I highly recommend following speakers and vendors that offered messages that align with your project plans.  These resources will continue to share great ideas throughout the year to help you further define your organizational vision.  I personally want to extend a huge thank you to the event organizers and participants who commit their time to sharing information and ideas!

A small investment in continuing education will help you better understand Office 365 features and SharePoint capabilities and how they can be used to futher your organization’s goals.  Here are a few ideas to continue exploring as you return to work brimming with ideas to work smarter, not harder.

Take Time to Learn New Features and Capabilities

Strive to understand what features are available in your Office 365 or SharePoint platform.  Microsoft Outlook email is the first component of Office 365 that everyone rushes to use but ask yourself:  what are all the  features available within the licensing purchased for your account?  You can’t get value out of features you don’t know are available to you.  For example, check out some of the no-code tools that enable everyone to become citizen developers in Office 365 and SharePoint.  These capabilities create a host of business solutions with very little investment.  New no code tools that are available from Microsoft include options to design modern forms and workflows in Office 365 with Power Apps & Flow Online, SharePoint Online features, PowerBI and Groups. Check out this webinar series from our partner Combined Knowledge, “What’s New in Office 365” for more inspiration.

Share Information Quickly

Office 365 offers features allow everyone share information quickly.  I love that Office 365 features enables no-code customizations to quickly add content and edit web parts to customize business requirements.  Quite honestly, taking advantage of information management has never been easier than with Office 365 Groups.  Simply applying alerts to important information ensures I know exactly where the most current information is located any time I need it.

Control Information Effectively

Do you need to know who has access to your data in Office 365?  Do you need the blend of both worlds with a hybrid O365 and SharePoint deployment?  Effective administration and security are essential components of building confidence in business processes.  The right people must have access to the right information to get more value from Office 365.  It’s easy to create security groups, configure permissions and manage site membership if you have established confidence using the capabilities.  Hands-on training will empower individuals who manage information security features for large sites and content to make effective choices.  As a business user, Office 365 Groups enables me to manage controlled information easily with a quick, secure and easy communication solution.

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You Too Can Become a Citizen Developer

I confess that I am just a business user of Microsoft platforms and I’ll never be interested in learning code.  However, I do understand business processes and I can be a very effective citizen developer in Office 365 and SharePoint Online.  The increasing availability of no-code solutions with custom lists, workflows and SharePoint personalization capabilities is amazing.  We are also seeing expanding business solutions for big data within Office 365 without expensive third party software with new releases for Power BI, PowerApps and Flow.

Everyone wants to work smarter, not harder.  Make the investment in continuing education to get more value out of your Office 365 features and SharePoint capabilities.

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