Content Panda

Learn more about the features and functionality Content Panda has to offer inside Office 365 and SharePoint. Content Panda empowers both end users and administrators to be more productive and save time.


Whether you are in the cloud or on-premises, getting the full value from your Office 365 and SharePoint implementation is all about driving adoption, lowering costs and empowering end users.

We love SharePoint admins and IT support teams, we have worked on SharePoint since it was called Tahoe and we built this product with you and your teams in mind. Let Content Panda help your teams to a self-service, empowered way of working.

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Better Together. Content Panda with Support+ Premium Content for Office 365 and SharePoint.

There are three golden rules for any company to achieve full potential for its users on Office 365 & SharePoint.

Train. Encourage. Support.

These shared values make our partnership a winning combination. Content Panda features Support+ premium content directly inside the user interface bringing even more value to Office 365 and SharePoint customers and end users.

Research shows that 52% of an organizations users are introduced to SharePoint without any training or communication plan to drive internal adoption. By leveraging Content Panda organizations can immediately bring value to the business and boost users productivity within minutes.


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Key Benefits of Content Panda

Empower End Users

You can fast track new employees into their roles by encouraging them to use Content Panda for those moments of “How do I” and “I can’t remember where”. Content superheroes are born when they discover how easy it is to find the help they need instead of endlessly searching on the internet.

Drive and Accelerate User Adoption

By helping you empower your teams to self-manage significant aspects of their daily tasks we help you increase overall usage of the platform, and encourage collaboration and teamwork.

Lower Support Costs

By surfacing help content in-context right where your users need it, we help to lower those first tier support calls. This keeps your teams productive, leaving you more time to tackle the bigger issues facing your IT organization.

Drive Change with Custom Content

Although change can and will come from all directions, it’s important that most of the changes in the company are driven from the bottom up — from the people who are on the front lines and closest to the customers and/or issues. Insert the right content where your users need it when they need it.

Save Time with Instant On-Demand Training

Connect training and courses directly into the Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 interface, gives your users access to investments that would never or rarely be accessed or found otherwise. Most training is attended and forgotten a few weeks later.

Enhance Usability Instantly

By giving your administrators the ability to edit and customize the Panda experience, you can more effectively communicate policies and process for repetitive tasks across the business. The Panda editor allows you to add in your knowledge base, to hide certain help topics or to push out a policy company-wide.