Press Release: Learn How to Use Office 365 Effectively with Training+

Mindsharp is excited to announce that Training + now supports all Office 365 features.  Training + is designed to help everyone in an organization understand Office 365 features and capabilities.  Training + streams from Azure and will help your team create a host of business solutions with very little investment.  Training + covers:

Mail Training for O365
Learn how to use more features in the popular email solution Outlook through the web browser. The mail app provides you with the capability to send emails internally and externally using a variety of rich formats and features. Use attachments to send documents and configure your mailbox to work for you.

Skype for Business Training for O365
Stay connected with colleagues with Skype for Business (SfB). Discover how to send instant messages to colleagues, utilize calls and video conferencing while you share your desktop. Stay aware of your contacts status by checking their availability. Learn how Skype will help you organize flexible online meetings for everyone, inside and outside your organization, to attend.

Yammer Training for O365
Organize discussions with colleagues inside and outside your organization. Yammer enables a location to create groups to focus conversations around as specific subject matter that impact your organization. Learn how to get started in Yammer, set up groups and chose whether they’re public, private, internal or external.

Delve Training for O365
Want to work more effectively? Delve is the gateway to a personal Office 365 experience.  Set up your profile and gain recognition for your skills and achievements. Customize your Office 365 personal settings, see information trending for yourself and your co-workers.  Create rich blogs to provide the business with a personal view of your experiences.

OneDrive for Business Training for O365
Learn how to upload file to OneDrive and manage your own personal cloud storage tool. OneDrive allows you to collaborate on documents in real time, send links to colleagues and view version history. OneDrive can also synchronize files and folders to your computer allowing you to work offline.

Calendar Training for O365
Manage meetings and events more effectively through the web browser using the calendar app. Learn how calendar app and Skype for Skype for business will enable you to set up meetings quickly and easily embed the conference link.  Use the scheduling assistant to ensure you book the perfect time based on all participants’ availability. You can share your calendar with colleagues to give them visibility or control over your schedule.

Sway Training for O365
Create engaging stories and utilize a content from a large variety of sources using Sway. Creating a beautiful, animated web page to deliver your message has never been easier. Sway works with YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and more to help you build your story. Shake up the design with Remix to get the perfect look for your Sway.

Video Portal Training for O365
Create and manage exciting channels to promote video content in Office 365. Learn how to start a channel and grow its content. You can also spotlight videos, assign membership and enhance existing videos with captions, thumbnails, sharing in other apps and view metrics on how visitors are engaging with your videos.

Groups and Planner Training for O365
Groups are a feature rich location to get started quickly with collaborating on a substantial collection of work such as a project. You will see how Office 365 Groups combined features like conversations, calendars, files and notes into an easily accessible location. Connections can bring in information from external sources to complement your insight.  Planner offer visualized task management that brings a

People and Tasks Training for O365
Manage your contacts with the people app. Learn how to create new contacts and manage them using contacts lists to ensure you always have access to essential contact information. You will also learn how to manage your personal time with tasks. An app that aggregates tasks from all over Office 365 giving you a key location to manage your day.

Word 2016 Training for O365
Everything you need to know to confidently use Microsoft Word to create professional documents. Learn to create and edit documents from simple letters to complex reports. We start with the basics, important for anyone new to Word and progress to advanced level topics, useful for more experienced users. Topics include Images, Styles, Columns and Mail Merge.

Excel 2016 Training for O365
Everything you need to know to confidently use Microsoft Excel to create professional spreadsheets. Learn to create and edit spreadsheets from simple lists to complex formulas. We start with the Excel basics and progress to advanced level topics useful for more experienced users. Topics include Data Entry, Formulas, IF, Vlookup, Pivot Tables and Macros.

PowerPoint 2016 Training
Get everything you need to know to confidently use Microsoft PowerPoint to create professional presentations. We start with the basics and progress to advanced level topics useful for more experienced users. Topics include Images, Diagrams, Animation and Slide Masters.

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