Learn about the Newest Features in Office 365

Microsoft is offering revolutionary time-saving tools in Office 365 with Delve, Sway, Groups, Planner, People, and Tasks. These capabilities integrate products across the Office 365 platform to revolutionize personal productivity. IT Pros love to explore these new features; however, most people can’t spare a whole day (let alone a whole week) learning about these time-saving Office 365 features.

Help your organization get excited about trying new Office 365 features by incorporating real-world examples that inspire new ideas and give people confidence. Mindsharp compiled a summary of the newest features to help you inspire ways to get more value out of your personal Office 365 experience.

Delve Training

Want a more personal experience every time you log onto your computer? Delve is the fast and easy way to see what matters the most to you. Delve is the gateway to a personal Office 365 experience.

Set up your Delve profile and gain recognition for your skills and achievements. Customize your personal settings, see information trending for yourself and your co-workers. Create rich blogs to provide the business with a personal view of your experiences.

Sway Training

Tired of PowerPoint? Sway is a revolutionary way to create engaging stories and utilize content from a large variety of sources. Creating a beautiful, animated web page to deliver your message has never been easier. Sway works with YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and more to help you build your story. Shake up the design with Remix to get the perfect look for your Sway.

Groups and Planner Training

Waiting on an administer to build a collaboration place for your team? Your wait is over! Office 365 Groups combined features like conversations, calendars, files and notes into an easily accessible location. Groups is a feature-rich location to get started quickly with collaborating on a substantial collection of work such as a project.

That means you can manage permissions for a group to collaborate on writing documents, creating spreadsheets, working on project plans, scheduling meetings, or sending email. You can finally replace file shares with a solution that works better, Microsoft Planner. Planner offers visualized task management for the whole team using existing permissions.

People and Tasks Training

There are hundreds of ways to manage contacts. Take time to learn the Office 365 way and save yourself time. Aggregate tasks to help everyone manage their day better. Learn how to create new contacts and manage them using contacts lists to ensure you always have access to essential contact information. You will also learn how to manage your personal time with tasks.

Help your organization get excited about exploring new features by incorporating real-world examples that inspire new ideas and give people confidence to use more features in Office 365.

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