Hide Curated Content in Plain Sight For On the Job Training

Technology changes everything.  In fact, the technology industry estimates that there will be more change in the next three years than the industry experienced in the last 25 years.  The rapid rate of change is creating an on-the-job (OJT) crisis for knowledge workers who no longer know how to do their jobs or access the information they need.  Leveraging the Microsoft Platform with curated, hidden, content offers cost effective solutions to Office 365 Adoption challenges.


Learning professionals estimate that 70-80% of learning is self-directed.  Therefore, learning professionals are challenged to provide training that (Jeneroux, 2017):

1.    Contains great content
2.    Contains materials that are well curated
3.    Provides experiences that bring value to the individual

Computer Based Training (CBT) has offered some solutions for learning professionals.  However, CBTs are only part of the solution because learning happens throughout every task, on every day.  Ensuring knowledge workers can easily find and access the information they need reduces training time and increases agility for the whole organization (Wintermark, 2017).  Additionally, curated content embedded directly into Office 365 and Microsoft environments may enable business user training without the expense of formal training.  Hidden training solutions which enable self-learning may even reduce help desk tickets and enforce corporate policies for onboarding, policies and procedures.


Learning professionals estimate that 10-20% of learning is company directed.  Therefore, learning professionals are challenged make formal training effective.  Formal training comes in all shapes and sizes.  Company-led IT Training must be tuned to the organizational structure and needs and may include:

1.    Classroom based, instructor-led IT training offers benefits with hands-on labs and use case conversations with an enabler (or instructor).
2.    On-Demand self-paced learning is pre-recorded and allows students to consume content quickly at the convenience of the student.
3.    3-5 minute Micro-Training allows user to find the content they need quickly to reduce the overall time spent learning.

Make the most of your formal IT training time because it comes at a premium for knowledge workers! 

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