Design Modern Forms and Workflows with Microsoft PowerApps and Flow

Mindsharp is pleased to announce a new class for the Business Professional and Citizen Developer:  Designing Modern Forms and Workflows with Microsoft PowerApps and Flow.

Want to build workflow solutions without buying expensive third party software?  Microsoft PowerApps and Flow are a dream come true for citizen developers!  Improve your business solutions by building and publishing modern mobile first and interactive forms.

This 2-day course is designed for intermediate to advanced users, business analysts and even developers who need a quick and easy way to create interactive forms that may need to initiate a business process or workflow. There is a lot of learn.  Mindsharp starts by ensuring you understand licensing requirements, deployment best practices, and key features of PowerApp and Flow.  Sample PowerApps offer great business use case concepts that you can use in your organization.

The course quickly progresses into practical exercises with PowerApps.  Build business solutions using PowerApps Studio for Web and PowerApps Studio for Windows.  Learn multiple development methods including how to create a PowerApp from an existing data store (like a SharePoint List) and create a PowerApp based on existing and custom templates.  Learn how to work with layouts, data cards and controls when altering screens.  Finally, learn how to add navigation and build interactive PowerApp forms in the formula bar.

Managing big data is an essential component of good business solutions.  Learn how to work with various cloud data sources in PowerApps. Leverage content types to build  better business solutions with workflows and forms. Of course we’ll help you navigate the legacy data stored on the corporate networks.  Finally, learn how to define Common Data Service entities with PowerApps.

Now you can create and integrate the flexible workflows you always wanted but could never afford for your organization.  This course outlines how to combine actions, triggers and connectors to build flexible workflows. Business users are empowered as citizen developers with tools that allow you to easily:

–    Build workflows with Microsoft Flow that periodically run on a schedule
–    Build Microsoft Flow solutions that respond to an external event
–    Use the Flow Mobile App to create a simple button action
–    Integrate custom Microsoft Flows within PowerApps

Read the Full Course Curriculum

This course was created and published by Combined Knowledge and is offered exclusively by Mindsharp in the United States, Canada and Americas. 

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