Are you considering the move to Microsoft Office 365 – or are you already using it in your business? How do your new and existing employees acquire the skills and knowledge they need to become effective Office 365 Users?

In other words, how will your users adapt and adopt?

It is well proven that managing a users’ introduction to any new system or environment yields valuable increases in productivity and subsequent return on your investment.

Introducing Microsoft Office 365 Onboarding from Mindsharp

Whether you’re a multi-national organization or a micro-business, training and knowledge transfer are critically important to the success of your project. We offer packages suitable for all business sizes ensuring every user has on-demand access to effective training and support whenever and wherever they need it.

Getting Started with Office 365 for End Users Webinar

The opportunity for up to 5 people from the organization to join a monthly scheduled webinar delivered by an expert instructor that will introduce you the Office 365 environment and showcase how to get started with the platform.

Office 365 for Administrators Webinar

The opportunity for up to 5 people from the organization to join a monthly scheduled webinar delivered by an expert instructor that will showcase Office 365 from an Administrators perspective and provide you with an understanding of what you need to know.

Office 365 for End Users - 2 day course

This two day course provides detailed hands on experience for companies looking to make a smooth transition to Office 365. The course explains what Office 365 is and how it will benefit individuals and the company as a whole. The course removes the mystery of Office 365 showing practical uses for all of the Office 365 components from SharePoint Online to Delve. See previous webinar recordings

Office 365 for Power Users - 4 day course

This course delivers the complete site owner story from start to finish in an engaging and practical way to ensure you have the confidence to plan and create new sites or manage your existing sites. Your goal is to learn how to make SharePoint relevant to your team by using a sites functionality to help you share information and collaborate with your colleagues. During the class you will also learn best practices and ‘what not to do’ as you watch live, interactive demonstrations and put theory into practice with hands on exercises.

1 hour Executive Online Briefings: 'How Office 365 can benefit the Business'

The opportunity for up to 5 key Executives within the organization to join a one hour webinar scheduled on a monthly basis that will highlight how Office 365 can benefit the business.

Training+ for SharePoint Azure App for unlimited users

Training+ is a collection of premium Mindsharp training courses delivered in 1080p High Definition video format on demand to everyone in your organization. Each module is divided into convenient, short chunks allowing users to learn at their own pace and stop/start as the obligations of day to day job roles allow. Users progress through each module, building on knowledge gained at each step, with real-world examples and comprehensive demonstrations all delivered with the friendly and down-to-earth style of an expert classroom Trainer. Training+ is available as an app for Office 365 store, delivered across the Microsoft Azure network to stream high quality video from a server local to you. The app currently delivers training for SharePoint users, content for more key Office 365 titles will be released soon - let us know if you'd like to be informed as new content is published. Find out more

Support+ On-Demand App

Mindsharp brings you Support+ the instant Support solution that works in unison with essential business software to give your entire organization comprehensive training and support on demand. Aimed at all user levels and delivered in a broad choice of different formats, Support+ covers all of your support and training in one solution. Whether your company consists of 10 or 10,000 people, every user should have on-demand access to effective training and support wherever they need it. Support+ is filled with 1,000’s of help topics that can be delivered in quick and simple steps, with detailed and in-depth steps, or how-to videos depending on what you prefer at your time of need. Support+ is a collection of 1,000's of help items and actions delivered instantly to the user's desktop via video, in-line demonstrations, How To Steps (with a choice of basic and detailed), Hints and Tips, Detailed Explanations of features, and many more methods with an easy to use Search system, A-Z index and even in-context topics based on what you're doing right now. Find out more

Computer Based Training Modules (CBT)

Mindsharp Computer Based Training (CBT) for SharePoint enables users to work through training material at their own pace and is the ideal way to ensure that all users understand the potential of your SharePoint deployment. In today's fast-paced business environment, organizations have to make the most of their IT training budget, while ensuring that employees have access to the best educational resources on the market. Our CBT lessons allow individuals to master SharePoint products and technologies - anytime, anywhere.
See a sample

'Keep up with Office 365' 12 month subscription to monthly update webinar

Our monthly scheduled webinars for up to 5 of the team to attend helps you keep up with the latest Office 365 improvements and focus on selected topics. Ensuring you are always ahead of the game and have the knowledge and skills you need to fully understand the environment.

Our Onboarding Packages can be tailored to the specific needs of the business and the specific elements of Office 365 that users will need to adopt

1.Train your users according to the scenario and persona that is most relevant and beneficial to their role
2. Maximize flexibility through classroom training, virtual training, online sessions and on-demand training
3. Provide key Champions and User Groups with hands on face-to-face training
4. Promote peer and collaboration learning

Provide on-going user in-context support

As specialists in SharePoint & Office 365 Mindsharp has the ability to work with organizations to create their own customized education and adoption roadmap. If you would like to arrange a free roadmap session so we can create a package that is tailored to your needs then we would be delighted to arrange this.


How will old processes work in the new cloud-based, connect-anywhere world? How can new Office 365 features allow users to operate more productively and collaboratively?


Users who understand your business systems will use them effectively and with confidence. On-demand, self-support tools keep productivity at a maximum and improve user satisfaction.

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