Power BI Developer Bootcamp – 4 days – USA, Canada, Americas

  • ID: 2351

Power BI Developer Bootcamp is an intensive 4-day training course with hands-on labs designed to prepare professional software developers to develop custom software solutions for with the Power BI and Azure platforms. Students will learn to develop custom visuals for Power BI using Typescript and the D3.js library, develop and debug custom visuals using Node.js framework, Node Package Manager (NPM) and the Power BI visual CLI tool (PBIVIZ) and package reusable custom visuals.

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Power BI Bootcamp for Business Analyst – 4 days – USA, Canada, Americas

  • ID: 1516

Power BI Bootcamp is fast-paced 3-day training course designed to get students up to speed on building and deploying custom solutions using Microsoft’s rapidly evolving Power BI platform.

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SharePoint 2016 & 2013 Developer Training – 5 Days – USA, Canada, Americas

  • ID: 1938

This 5-day course explores the development opportunities available with SharePoint On-premises using either SharePoint Server 2016 and SharePoint Server 2013. Students will learn about the tradeoffs of developing SharePoint full trust solutions versus SharePoint add-ins.

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SharePoint 2013 Developer Track – 5 days

  • ID: 1285

  This course is delivered using the official Microsoft Course Curriculum 20488 and will prepare you for the associated examination. As with all our deliveries this course has the added value of being taught with real world experience, knowledge, and covers current best practices – ensuring that you learn in-depth hands-on quality training. About this…

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SharePoint 2013 Advanced Solutions for Developers – 5 days

  • ID: 897

This course provides SharePoint developers the information needed to implement SharePoint solutions using Enterprise Search, Managed Metadata Service (MMS), Business Connectivity Services (BCS), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Web Content Management (WCM), Social Computing features and SharePoint Apps.

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