Power BI Developer Bootcamp – 4 days – USA, Canada, Americas

  • ID: 2351

Power BI Developer Bootcamp is an intensive 4-day training course with hands-on labs designed to prepare professional software developers to develop custom software solutions for with the Power BI and Azure platforms. Students will learn to develop custom visuals for Power BI using Typescript and the D3.js library, develop and debug custom visuals using Node.js framework, Node Package Manager (NPM) and the Power BI visual CLI tool (PBIVIZ) and package reusable custom visuals.

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Cloud-based Development with Microsoft Azure and Office 365 – 5 days – USA, Canada, Americas

  • ID: 2030

  Cloud-based Development with Azure and Office 365 is an intensive five-day training course that teaches students how to develop custom software solutions using Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Students will learn how to develop in the Azure environment by creating and configuring on-demand services such as web apps, virtual machines and Azure…

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Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions – 5 days – USA, Canada, Americas

  • ID: 1878

This course is aimed at experienced IT Professionals who currently administer their on-premises infrastructure. The course introduces the students to Microsoft Azure and then teaches them how to manage their infrastructure in Azure rather than on-premises.

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