The workshop style course is designed for Office 365 (O365) administrators who need to setup, configure and manage SharePoint Online as part of their Office 365 Administration. Students will learn the architecture and components of SharePoint Online (SPO) in Office 365, develop hands on experience configuring the components and options of SPO, work with Site Collections and storage options, manage user and social profiles, configure data connectivity, build a taxonomy structure, configure search, configure and deploy apps, define Enterprise content management and data loss prevention, and Information Rights Management.


This course is designed for Administrators who need to setup, configure and manage SharePoint Online as part of their Office 365 Administration.


As a minimum requirement for this course, delegates need to have a basic understanding of Office 365. If you aren’t familiar with Office 365 please attend our 1 day course: Rapid Upskill for Office 365 first.

Delegates also need a basic understanding of PowerShell.


Course includes:  Instructor led discussion, Hands-on 365 labs, Hardcopy book & eBook.

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Module 1 – Introduction to Office 365 and SharePoint Online

  • The Office 365 Administration Center
  • Compare SharePoint on Premises with SharePoint Online
  • User identity in Office 365 and SharePoint Online
  • Hybrid SharePoint capabilities
  • Migration options to SharePoint Online

Module 2 – Working with Site Collections

  • Understanding the topology of Site Collections
  • Creating Site Collections
  • Defining ownership and security for Site Collections
  • Configuring Storage
  • Configure External Access to Site Collections
  • Recovering Site Collections
  • Configuring External Sharing
  • Managing Site Collections with PowerShell

Module 3 – Managing User Profiles

  • Define custom user properties
  • Create Audiences
  • Manage Policies
  • Configuring Trusted My Site host locations
  • Managing My Site Settings

Module 4 – Manage Business Connectivity Services

  • Overview of the Business Connectivity Services
  • Importing and Configuring BDC definition files
  • Configure Connections to OData services online
  • Configure Connections to OData services to On-Premises
  • Defining Secure Store target Application Settings

Module 5 – Managing the Term Store

  • Configuring Term Store Administration
  • Building and Importing Term Sets
  • Working with terms

Module 6 – Configuring Search

  • Configure Managed Properties in the search schema
  • Manage Authoritative Pages
  • Configure Result sources
  • Promote results through Query Rules
  • Removing Search results from the Index
  • Export and Import Search Configurations

Module 7 – Configuring Apps (Add-Ins)

  • Create and configure an App Catalog
  • Adding Apps via the store
  • Manage licenses
  • Configure Store access settings
  • Monitoring Apps

Module 8 – ECM in SharePoint Online

  • Components of ECM
  • In-Place Records Management
  • The Records Center
  • The Compliancy Policy Center
  • The eDiscovery Center
  • Data Loss Prevention

Module 9 – Manage Options for SharePoint Online

  • Configure OneDrive features
  • Define List and library experience
  • Configure use of Yammer of Newsfeeds
  • Configure Information rights management
  • Define new Site classification options
  • Enable early release of Office 365 features

Lab Schedule

  • Create a new Outlook.com account
  • Create a new Office 365 Trial
  • Install Azure Active Directory PowerShell
  • Install SharePoint Online Management Shell
  • Create test users
  • Install Office 2016 on to your client
  • Describe the key components of SharePoint Online
  • Navigate Office 365 and SharePoint admin centers
  • Understand identify management
  • Understand how to manage the environment in PowerShell
  • Understand hybrid scenarios

Download Course Syllabus PDF Download PDF