Duration: 1 day

This 1 day class is designed to show LiveTiles users why and how to use LiveTiles. The class starts at the beginning with an overview of the LiveTiles product introducing the key features and how they relate to SharePoint. Students will receive a full color eBook as part of delivery.


Module 1: LiveTiles building blocks (architecture, product fundamentals and philosophy)


Module 2: Installation

Solution installation


On-premise vs. Office 365

Troubleshooting installation issues

License Registration

Applying upgrades


Module 3: Fitting in with the SharePoint Platform

Information Architecture considerations

Publishing overview

Master pages




Module 4: Building your first page

Overview of Tiles and Apps

Traditional vs. Responsive Page design

Building a Traditional Page

Building for mobile

Building a Responsive Page


Module 5: Options to enhance your pages

Including SharePoint Web Parts

Tips and tricks

Using custom code snippets

Dos and Don’ts

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