Are you Experiencing an IT Skills Gap?

Groans echo the halls of many organizations when announcements are made about moving to SharePoint 2016 or Office 365.  If you have heard such grumblings in your organization, you may be experiencing a skill gap.  Perhaps your business users never fully learned how to leverage the capabilities from the last software upgrade.  It is possible to close the skill gap and get more value out of your Microsoft Licensing.


We all experience the dynamic nature of technology and we know it is hard to keep up.  As a result, the career-development gap is growing in IT across all users.  Take time to assess the skill and capability of business users, administrators and developers in your organizations as a part of requirements gathering for your migration.  This will allow you to align your organizational vision and conduct a skills gap analysis of your in-house resources and talents.

Align Business Vision With Skill Gaps


IT departments sometimes forget to incorporate training into their migration which is increasing the growing skills gap and frustration among business users.  Therefore, training requirements should be incorporated into migration planning to justify budgetary resource allocation.  A consistent training plan aligned with the business vision will close the skills gap and result in a business-critical transformation which can increase productivity by better utilizing SharePoint 2016 and Office 365.  Additionally, training plans allow you to establish the right training at the right time to drive adoption, reduce the skills gap and get more value from your IT investment.  Click here to download a sample training plan.

Training Designed for Business


Everyone wears a different hat at work.  It’s no secret that a computer geek (otherwise known as a Professional Developer who writes unique computer programs) and that computer guy in the server room (otherwise known as an IT Professional Administrator who keeps the computers running) need to learn how to make Office 365 and SharePoint 2016 work effectively.  The Administrative Assistant (a business user who keeps everyone organized) and the Boss (the Executive who makes the tough decisions) must also close their skill gap when Office 365 or SharePoint are introduced so that they can get value out of all the features.  Ensure your training plan includes consistent best practices across all roles to get more value out of Office 365, SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2016 investment with a training partner who offers dynamic solutions.  Training Passports offer timely and affordable training solutions for all users with a single approval.

Increase ROI With Training Passports


Do you learn best by hearing a lecture or by practicing with hands-on-labs?  Do you prefer class-room based training or virtual training?  Everyone has a learning style that fits their unique needs.  The Learning Pyramid, from the National Training Laboratories, is a great visual resource to help you develop a training plan that meets the needs of your organizational vision.  Be sure to consider that not everyone needs the same training and tighter budgets may drive us to consider innovative support tools solutions and continuing education initiatives.

Learn More About Custom Training Solutions

Comprehensive skill development isn’t achieved in a single class or one Computer Based Training (CBT) program.  While those may be components of a training program, the best training is a layered, end-to-end training approach.  The wrong training at the wrong time frustrates everyone.  Develop a plan for comprehensive training that is tailored to your business vision.  A layered approach to closing a skill gap for your business vision should consider the following components:

● Certified instructors with real-world experience for all skill roles
● Convenient training schedules to suit the user availability
● Self-paced training with quizzes, demonstrations, and practical tests
● Lab-based training experiences
● Effective Search Tools
● Custom training content written and delivered for private education offerings

Aligning Business Vision To Training Is A Layered Approach


We’re here to help!  Learn more about how Mindsharp can help you align your business objectives and close the skill gap with Microsoft solutions at

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