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Popular courses

Nintex Forms and Mobile 2010 & 2013 – 1 day

  • ID: 942

This one day instructor-led course will show you how to use Nintex Forms and Nintex Mobile to customize forms for use in SharePoint 2013 and Nintex Workflow 2013. Nintex Forms 2013 makes it easy to create and complete engaging forms in the browser without the need for code. The course begins with an Introduction to Nintex Forms explaining where forms can be created and the terminology used to describe forms.

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Private/On-Site Class: Nintex Workflow 2010 for Project Server – 1 day

  • ID: 1020

Nintex Workflow for Project Server 2010 is an add-on for Nintex Workflow 2010; this course is focused on Project Server 2010 and the Nintex Workflow for Project Server 2010 add-on. To make full use of Nintex Workflow for Project Server you will also benefit from attending our 3 day Nintex Workflow 2010 course.

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Private/On-Site Class: SharePoint 2010 Advanced Infrastructure – 5 days

  • ID: 1000

Prior to taking this course, students should have a general knowledge of networking concepts and a basic understanding of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and SharePoint Server 2007.

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SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 App Development – 3 days

  • ID: 901

This course will teach students how to develop, debug, deploy and publish Apps for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 (O365). This course will describe the SharePoint App Architecture and discuss in detail SharePoint-hosted and Provider-hosted App models including App Authentication and Security. Students will learn how to access both external data and SharePoint/O365 data from Apps.

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Bite Sized Training: Office Integration – Connecting and working with SharePoint via Microsoft Office Applications, SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 – 3 hours

  • ID: 1491

By the end of this session you will be able to: Understand and use the Office Integration features to work with your data and documents from within SharePoint or Office.

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Building Business Solutions with SharePoint Designer in SharePoint 2013 – 4 days

  • ID: 891

This 4-day course will teach you how to build powerful SharePoint 2013 business solutions without having to engage in any custom development. You will be amazed exactly how far you can take things with SharePoint 2013 just using the out-of-the-box features and functionality.

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